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Ditch your Cable Bills forever!

Convert your basic tv into the smartest TV ever

TV Please gives you the ability to convert your current TV into a TV that gives you complete access to any TV Show or Movie you can think of. There is no need for any monthly bills, massive upfront costs, or contracts. All you need is an internet connection!

A World of Endless Entertainment

The Power of Android Brought to Your TV!

Convert Any TV into a Smart TV

With a simple HDMI connection you can turn your TV into the smartest TV around! Enjoy unlimited movies, tv shows, games, and much more

One Payment then FREE for Life

With TV Please you only have to pay for the device once, then you have unlimited access to apps, TV Shows, and Movies! No monthly fees!

The Apps You Need

Your TV doesn’t only have to be for movies and TV shows anymore. The power of Android gives you the ability to add any of your favourite apps to your TV!

Simple Interaction Experience

Our coders have made your TV experience like no other. With an easy to use interface and a very little learning curve, TV Please is your FIRST choice for endless entertainment.

Explore! You will love it.

Get lost in endless FREE entertainment

Accessories for your TV Please Box

Want to enhance your experience with TV Please? We carry different remotes for easier use as well as projectors to hook up to your TV Please Box!

Rii Keyboard Remote


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Gaming Remote


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HD Projector


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Available, get it now online!

Don’t waste time! Start saving money on your cable bill now!

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Get Professional Installation!

Having trouble setting up your new TV Please Box? Get a pro to do it!

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Free Shipping

To make things simpler, we are now including shipping in the price of the item!

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